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Merlin Test Technologies was founded in May of 2017. Its headquarters resides in Bastrop, TX and offices out of Shanghai, China. Our expertise is in semiconductor IC test.

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  • Complete Production & Characterization Test Solutions

  • Stand-alone testing instruments

  • Data analysis software

  • Characterization & Production Consulting


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ATE Systems

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Merlin’s ATE System is a significant reduction to the cost of test and enables fast time to implementation.  APS100 is based on production-proven, high-speed PXI modular instrumentation that provides industry-leading test time.  This ATE system is a turn-key solution that covers RF, digital, and power needs for the rapid deployment of products into production.  The APS100 DUT interface is a Merlin Test custom design that allows for easy implementation of soft dock configurations.  The system is also expandable to add additional digital or power channels as the application requires.  Finally, the APS100 software provided allows for a full factory implementation for production needs including GUI, handler control, data collection, and STDF outputs.


  • Complete ATE System including system software

  • High accuracy source and measure with 1GHz modulation bandwidth

  • High speed, reliable solid-state design

  • 6 GHz+ frequency range, extendable with built-in doubler and optional downconverter

  • High Source output power

  • Support for 16 bidirectional ports (8 with VNA features) and 30 RF measure ports and 4 simultaneous source selectable ports

  • Digital 32 channels with MIPI and pattern

  • Full modulation support

  • DPS Power supply



  • RF switch devices, antenna tuners

  • PA/FEM for 2G thru 5G and WLAN/AX



  • GUI with full features for factory integration

  • STDF output format

  • Visual Studio programming

  • Handler Support


RF110 - Source Port Module

  • 1U form factor

  • 16 Bi-directional ports

  • RF frequency response of 50MHz to 12GHz

  • Vector S-parameters, IP3, Noise figure capability

  • High Output Power >22dBm

  • Port to Port Isolation > 90 dB

RF210 - Measure Port Module

  • 1U form factor

  • 30 high isolation ports

  • RF frequency response of 50MHz to 22GHz

  • 31dB dynamic range with 0.25dB increments

  • Port to Port Isolation > 90 dB

HPA100 – High Power Amp Module

  • 3U form factor

  • 300MHz to 2.7GHz

  • 4 Channels, 35W each

  • Coupled monitoring port

  • Ethernet interface

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Instrument 45.png
Instrument 5.png

Analysis Software

Cellular Signal Analysis Software

  • Cellular test applications

  • Wave for generation and analysis

  • Test hardware independent

  • 2G to 5G Standards (GSM/EDGE/CDMA/WCDMA/4G/5G)

WLAN Signal Analysis Software

  • WLAN test applications

  • Wave for generation and analysis

  • Test hardware independent

  • 802.11a/b/c/n/ac/ax

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